If you are a first time landlord or even an experienced property investor wanting to purchase or remortgage an investment property, we can help you!

We’ve helped our clients build property portfolios to provide them with not only income but also capital growth.

Whether you’re a first time or experienced landlord, looking to remortgage your existing buy-to-let, raising capital of your existing investment property, turning your existing property into a buy-to let property or even more complicated deals, with our in-depth knowledge and experience of dealing with lenders we can recommend the most suitable buy to let mortgage for you based on your individual situation. Purchasing an investment property can be stressful and you may need to move fast while making big decisions, this is where we can help.

Since the tax changes for those owning mortgaged buy to let properties personally, limited company mortgages have become more popular.

Mortgage interest relief for personally held buy to let mortgages is gradually tapering down which started in April 2017, the full impact hits in 2020 when tax relief will be limited to basic rate tax only for mortgage interest payments on buy to let properties.

If you’re a first time investor looking to buy your first property, an established investor looking to expand your property portfolio, an out of town investor wanting local help, you have a current buy to let mortgage on standard variable rate and you are wanting to remortgage to a better deal, you are looking to raise money from a buy to let property, you are wanting to change a residential property mortgage in to a buy to let, you have run in to difficulty with your own bank for one reason or another, we can help you get the cheapest deal available.


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Of course taking specialist tax advice is always necessary, but this is a route that many are taking when buying investment property nowadays, given the changes.

The company itself can be brand new and have little or no track record or trading history, infact lenders much prefer this to a trading business as your assets are ringfenced away from the risk associated with a trading company. To access all the options, you'll need an SPV limited company (Special Purpose Vehicle) with the correct SIC code or (Standard industrial classification of economic activities), you'll find Companies House classifications here - SIC Codes - See Section L. It sounds more complicated than it is, the process to set up is actually very simple and low cost. Ask your accountant.

We can finance property held in trading businesses, holding companies, and SPV's, all with varying ownership structures including UK companies owned offshore.

Limited company mortgage deals are generally more expensive than personal buy to let deals, but we have already seen the gap close. We're confident of seeing new entrants to the market and we're looking to the bigger players to lead the way. The tax benefits will generally more than outweigh the cost differential, we'd urge you to take specialist advice tailored to your circumstances. Limited company buy to lets do fall into that specialist category despite the fact they are commonplace within our business.

We have in-depth knowledge of a very large number of buy to let mortgage lenders including many specialist ones all with different lending criteria. We are able to utilise our experience to recommend the most suitable buy to let mortgage for you based on your individual situation.

Buy to Let landlords invest for different reasons e.g. capital growth, to supplement their current income or plan for their retirement.

If you are a limited company, book a free consultation with one of our advisers.

We offer a wide range of mortgage products and can help you get the best deal to suit your individual needs.

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